Relax & Unwind using this technique called “Tapotement”

What is Tapotement?

After a very long stressful week we deserve some rest and our body needs some pampering. Everyone has their own way to unwind. Others get their nails done, or get a foot spa and foot massage or have a body scrub but most people say that the best way to distress is to have a full body massage. Why massage? It is focused on deeper layers of muscles and connective tissues that promotes relaxation and well-being.

Tapotement is a technique used in Swedish massage, it involves rhythmic tapping, pounding or patting. There are different categories used in using the tapotement techniques, it can be executed with the edge of the hand, a cupped hand or the tips of the fingers. Tapotement is very efficient in revitalizing sore and tires muscles, this is also the most common massage for athletes. Chinese medicine also uses tapotement to loosen mucus in the air passages which is very beneficial to patients with bronchitis. In administering tapotement massage, you need to be careful in the bony area of the body such as spine, joints and knees. The most important reminder when conducting the tapotement massage, just keep the session free flowing, do not focus on how you are doing it, but focused more on why are you doing it .

What is Tapotement?


Is done with a cupped hand, the palm of the hand should never touch the person’s body being massaged. The therapist would rhythmically pound the person’s body producing a hollow sound until the skin develops a pinkish coloration. This tapotement technique has stimulating and invigorating effect that helps stressed muscle relax.


This tapotement technique is commonly used in conjunction with cupping. This is a technique used after a relaxing massage. This is a technique that you could apply to almost every part of the body from the back to the legs. It is executed using the side of the hands, you can either pound them one hand after the other or together.


This technique is also known as pounding or pummelling. Hands are in closed position and you just let your fist fall loose on the person’s back. This tapotement technique is very good after a cold to loosen mucus in the lungs.


From the word itself, this is initiated by rhythmic plucking of the skin using the thumb and fingers. This technique is often initiated in the arms and legs to relax stressed and sore muscles.

Benefits of Tapotement?

Tapotement has a lot of benefits either mentally or physically. Here’s the list of what you can get out of this massage technique.
Tapotement helps athletes to prepare and recuperate from exhausting workouts, it relaxes soften and tired muscles.
It helps blood circulation and relieves tension related headaches.
Promotes mental and physical rejuvenation as it fosters peace of mind and it enhances an individual’s capacity to think calmly and creatively.
Tapotement also strengthens the immune system. As tapotement rejuvenates your cells the lesser stress you can get and it will help you avoid getting colds or other illness that are stress related


How often should we get a tapotement therapy?

Everything that is too much is not good.  Ideally once or twice a week depending on your activities and the need of your body.  If you think you are too tired and you need it, then by all means you can have a massage.

What are the restrictions of the tapotement massage?

Tapotement should not be administered to the bony part of the body, directly over the kidney paralyzed muscles   and inflamed muscles and tissues.

What do I prepare and what do I do during the tapotement therapy?

This is your time to unwind, you don’t have to prepare anything. Free your mind   and   just relax your body and   leave everything to your masseuse.  Let the person know administering the therapy if the pressure applied during the message is enough for you.  Some people during the massage initiates small talks but others prefer to be quiet.

Will I be completely undressed during the massage?

It would depend on which tapotement technique will you be using. Normally, on a full body massage it is encouraged to undress, but this would again depend on the level of your comfort. Only the area of your body that is being worked on will be uncovered.